Liberland, 2023, week 31 (July 31th – August 6th)

2023.08.06, Sunday :
August 2023 – Liberland has announced the opening of its first border crossing with Croatia. – Liberland, 6

2023.08.04, Friday :
The Free Republic of Liberland is pleased to announce a significant development in our nation’s progress – the creation of our first settlement on Liberland territory.

2023.08.02, Wednesday :

Statement of the Liberland Ministry of Interior – Office of the President – 2 August 2023

Excerpt : Mr Jan Urban, had previously remained in the area for twenty-five days before the first rescue, equipped with a sturdy shed and a steady stream of supplies. This was until he was unilaterally blockaded by the Border Police of Croatia, who ceased to engage in dialogue with us. On the day of the “rescue”, Jan refused assistance as he saw no need for it. The Croatian police proceeded to remove his supplies against his will and destroyed his place of habitation. They created a situation of need and then exploited it.