Liberland, 2023, week 34 (August 21th – August 27th)

2023.08.27, Sunday :
Developments in Liberland are occurring at an unprecedented pace. The Marina is ready for construction, the first house has been built, and we are experiencing a daily influx of enthusiastic settlers.
Good 2′ video filmed on the Liberland settlement.

2023.08.26, Saturday :

We are happy to announce that Liberland and Croatian football club NK Napredak Batina have become proud partners in a new and exciting collaboration!

2023.08.25, Friday :

Every Thursday Liberlanders will conduct cleaning ceremony between 8 and 10 in the morning. They will clean all the trash and go to swim in Danube. At ten o’clock we celebrate it with our Croatian friends by offering them tea and coffee.

2023.08.24, Thursday :

2023.08.21, Monday :