Liberland, 2023, week 40 (October 2nd – October 8th)

2023.10.08, Sunday :

Settlers on Liberty Island.

2023.10.07, Saturday :
“Good morning from Liberland” – Veronika.

2023.10.05, Thursday :
The Croatian Invasion of the Micronation of Liberland, by Reason.

2023.10.04, Wednesday :
Liberland Settlers.

Liberland Settlers never give up ! They are still here. Full of positive energy and motivation. Greeting for them.

2023.10.03, Tuesday :
We can’t get enough of such mornings from Liberland. Yes, we do not give up. We are Liberland. Join us.

2023.10.02, Monday :
Liberland’s resilience shines 11 days after the 21 september attack