Building with earth bags

Key-words : earthbag, adobe, superadobe


Warnings, Tips, Tools

  • Bags should be placed so that the places where the bags on the previous row meet are covered by the bags on the subsequent row, just like brickwork.
    This improves robustness (as with bricks) and lets less air incoming.
  • When complete, the structure should be plastered as soon as possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun
  • be careful. Round shapes need to respect precise curves for the walls.

People using tampers to improve the structure. Credits.


  • Robust plastic tile Light solid plastic tiles, which could be useful to provide a floor on sand. There is a video at the bottom of the page which explains how it is used. This product is made in Italy for Kingfisher.

First Liberland Buildings

The first pharmacy, first-aid building in Liberland.

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