Forum reasons and goals

“… from discussion comes light”

This independent forum space has been created for the following reasons :

  • One of the main being that in November 2023, there is simply no existing serious place for citizens to have efficient long-term discussions about Liberland. One goal of the forum is to provide such a place, and to promote long-term discussions (and work). (among others by archiving properly (in a usable way) it’s content). Liberland will not be built in one year, there is thus a need to keep trace + tidy up of the information/discussions brought here.
  • There are existing Signal groups, which function quite well, but the format is chat format, ie well adapted to 1-to-1 discussions, but poorly adapted to multi-users discussions which are mixed and rapidly submerged (for some groups the content is not available more than 7 days back … which gives us collectively a kind of goldfish memory).
  • Let’s add that for some Signal groups, there is the (alas justified) fear that the group is also read by Liberland enemies, which unfortunately leads to real self-censorship.
  • There is also the official existing forum … but this forum is de facto unmanaged and quite empty (+ the waiting time to enter is in weeks).
  • Most of the current discussion places are managed by the Liberland government, which is fine when you agree … and can as everywhere become less fine when you disagree. In any case, if we wait for all the Liberland discussions to be gov managed … that wouldn’t sound very libertarian.
  • Liberland’s diaspora is de facto the biggest community of Liberland (~all settlers return to their home one day or another). With currently no real dedicated place for long-term discussions.
  • There is the issue about the numerous Liberlanders who abandon the project for different reasons. (what is seen and what is not seen). There are in fact much more people quitting the project than active people. The project could also learn from those who leave. And some people may decide to continue after discussing. … but without place to discuss seriously, these abandonments, although numerous, are just a silent leak. A problem that we ignore does not disappear, right the contrary.
  • There is the issue with the people being critical about some aspects of the project, but who have no real place to express publicly their critics and make propositions. If those people have no hope to see their concerns addressed … at the end they simply leave.
    The solution to the above issues is not a headlong rush to recruit always new people to try to compensate for the losses. It’s time to deal with already existing Liberlanders.
  • One can add that, in november 2023, the settlement status in Liberland is in a kind of stalemate. Maybe it won’t last long … maybe it will last 10 years. We need to try things to get out of this stalemate. Hopefully the quote “… from discussion comes light” is right. The present forum is a proposed tool, for citizens, to help possible solutions to emerge.

In order to avoid as much as possible the inclusion of hostile people (*), the forum has rules and the acceptance conditions are strict. This is not at all to annoy people, only to try to provide a trustful environment.
Before entering the forum, please verify that you are basically in line with the above goals and that you agree with the rules.

(*) : critical people are not considered as hostile.