Vincent Andres

Short presentation about myself :
I’m french, born in 1960, and currently living in the countryside in south-east of France (Liberlanders passing in the area are welcome).
I’m married, with 2 (now big) children.
I work in computer science since always.
I’m interested in house construction since long, planting trees, etc. All useful things when living in the countryside.
I’m a libertarian since long.
I follow the Liberland project since the beginning, and I’m a Liberland citizen (Liberlander) since 2023, as my wife.
I’m the owner, administrator and publishing director of, and of the associated forum. (I bought the domain name in 2018).
( is not at all my first website. I manage also,, (all in french), and some other small websites).
I still have some other ideas, on computers and on ground, to help the Liberland project to implement itself on the ground.