The objectives of the website and the blog are (among others):
– document and archive, publicly, the settlement of Liberland, by gathering on one place informations from numerous disparate sources, in order to help to assess the occupation of the territory (and some specific moments) when it is and when it will be necessary. Proving Liberland occupation is already useful now, eg concerning the informations published on Wikipedia.
– use this open and transparent public archive to provide an easier and better understanding of the story
– help wanabee settlers to have a right picture about what they’ll find if they join the adventure
– provide informations about how non-settlers can help settlers
– provide informations on topics related to the settlement

Let’s add also that this settlement operation can be regarded as a true adventure for 2023-2024. And for this reason alone, this settlement adventure definitely deserves a dedicated and focused website.

For the above mentioned reasons, what you’ll mostly find here are pictures, videos and text about the Liberland settlement, its soft times, its hard times. You can definitely browse this website like a photo album.
The website is intended to be ad-free, open access and free.

All this being said, we do our best to provide informations, but without endangering the settlers or the settlement. If you see informations here that you think could put settlers or the settlement at risk, please take contact, and we’ll do the necessary to solve the issue.

Call to Settlers

Settlers are of course more than welcome to submit photos, videos and text.
Submission of testimonies, past and current, is welcome. Settlers are encouraged to share their memories, on every aspects. See Publication for the details.

Liberland.one is a private initiative. The owner, manager and publishing director is Vincent Andres. (Liberland.one is not a website from the Liberland government).
The hosting of the website is provided by https://1984.hosting.

Unless there is another mention, the default license which applies to the website is the cc-by-sa license.
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The website opened in November 2023. Stats are from awstats.
November 2023 : 1693 unique visitors (one big (1120) outlier ?), 1856 visits, 47.144 pages
December 2023 : 1098 unique visitors , 1888 visits, 49.952 pages
January 2024 : 1782 unique visitors, 3084 visits, 137.867 pages
February 2024 : 1556 unique visitors, 1825 visits, 10.938 pages


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  • Credits : The numerous contributors and sources which feed this blog. Thanks to them.
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