Reminder : as you may have seen on the about page, this website is especially focused on Liberland settlement. Thus, the primary material which interests us must concern Liberland settlement. We are especially interested about photos/videos/text concerning days or weeks which have only few material. If you have material concerning those days, please do not hesitate to propose it. We are also interested about material for the topic pages.

Submission of testimonies, past and current, is welcome. Settlers are encouraged to share their memories, on every aspects (as long as it is factual).
Submission of ideas to improve the project is also welcome.

Reciprocally, we want to make our best not to endanger the settlers or the settlement. If you see photos/videos/text which you think could be problematic, please do not hesitate to contact us about that.

Practical tips to the contributors
– It is better that the photos, videos, texts produced by a contributor are published under his name, or at most under a pseudonym. So if you’re okay with posting material, please indicate how to credit it.
– also, please indicate the date and location at which the photos or videos were taken. If you send text, please indicate which period of time is concerned.
– if there is an error concerning the publication of your contribution : bad caption, wrong date, wrong location, etc. Please contact us so we can correct it.

There is a place for contributors biographies (where you can put some links if you want). Contributors who are interested, just contact me for that. is based on WordPress, and is also open to contributors who would like to work on the WordPress side. Contact me for that.


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If one of your picture/video/text is here and you think it should not, please contact us and mention the litigious picture. We’ll do the necessary quickly.

The text of the present page may evolve and be precised, but the spirit is the one written above.

The decision to publish is the sole responsibility of the publishing director.