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Blockchain forum here ?

I open this topic to discuss if it would be appropriate, or not, to open a forum dedicated to LL blockchain questions here ?
LL Blockchain, LLD, LLM, wallet, Polkadot, etc.
One issue (among others) is that few Liberlanders seem interested by the topic.
... which has of course direct impact on the interest to open, or not, a forum about the topic.

On the other hand, opening a forum where questions can be answered (and archived) may be useful.


Do we really need to have a lot of subforums? Why not just use the for more or less everything? Google doesn't have sub sections. Google just has a search function, and so does your forum. Users can probably find most of the posts that interest them by searching.

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I'm ok about not multiplying subforums, but I also don't want to have everything mixed in just one place.
Having the search engine is very nice, but I don't think users relying only on the search engine would be a good thing.
(what happens if the search engine crashes or is no more maintained ? as happens sometimes with wordpress plugins).
Being able to find information thanks to a little structuration is necessary also imo.

One goal of such a forum is to archive properly (in a usable way) the content, in order to promote long-term discussions.
Liberland will not be built in one year, there is thus a need to keep trace + tidy up of the information/discussions brought here.

This being said, I agree to not multiply forums more than necessary.
And btw imo the forum structure is not definitive. It will adapt itself to the content.
If a forum is empty for 3 months ... we'll have to think about maintaining it or not.

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I have been and a forum like this (with other topics), and subforums where very useful to sort things and for beginners to read up on things there were interesting in. Plus for users to avoid topics they did not care for.

I agree with both of you there shouldn’t be to many. It’s a good idea with the 3 month rule.

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