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Forum Membership and Rules

This forum space is a classical forum. It is not a chat (some libertarian projects will not be built in one year, and long-term issues cannot be addressed, neither solved, by chatting).
NB : This forum space is a private initiative and is not created or managed (or moderated) by the Liberland government.

Rules :

  • Posting in the forum is for registered members only.
  • Membership and posting in the Liberland forum (public + private) is reserved to Liberlanders (e-residency is ok), and cooptation + presentation is also mandatory.
  • The forum has public areas and private areas. Public areas are readable by everybody.
  • Access to a private area is decided by the administrator(s) concerned (each private area has its own rules).
  • Ambiguous names are not possible in the forum. (It is recommended for members to use the same name (or at least consistent) with what they use on Signal).
  • Bad manners, posts contrary to public decency, etc, are not allowed.
  • Out of topic posting (see the editorial policy) is discouraged. The forum’s ambition is to be a work place. There are already enough places for entertainment.
  • All forums are moderated, mainly for household + out of topic posts management.
  • Moderation important decisions will be discussed collegially among moderators, and published. The publishing director has however the last word.
  • Since the forum is intended for active working, accounts without activity for a long period will be removed.
  • There is a Liberlanders Classified Ads forum, which has additional (but usual) specific rules which are detailed in the forum itself. This forum is in the Liberland Private Area.
  • Non-respect of the rules will result in usual forum procedures (warning -> blockage -> ban).
  • Administration and moderation of the forum is benevolent.
  • Forum membership implies accepting the above present rules.

The above rules may be amended (it’s open to advice). Take a look here from time to time.
If you agree with the rules and the basic goals of the forum, you are welcome to knock at the door.

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