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Constitution of Liberland : basics

In case a serious discussion about the Liberland constitution occurs here, I ask that all participants make an effort to have a structured discussion.
When discussing the existing draft, splitting the discussion in articles/paragraphs, is probably necessary.
I will endorse the housekeeper role to try to help.

Existing draft : the existing draft is not engraved in marble. It can of course be discussed, but other avenues can also be explored.
The existing constitution draft, as seen on github, seems mainly the work of one person, in 2015/2016, person which is no more present to defend its work since 2016.
See : 
So, the existing draft basis seems quite thin.

Contributors : the contributors on the official github are 17 persons, since 2015.
Since Liberland has ~1000 citizens in 2023, 17/1000 = 1.7% ... that's quite low.
(And the discussion on the official github has less than 5 participants in 2022-2023).

Language issue : English is the official language for Liberland.
It is probably the best choice, but even being the best choice, this means that only a fraction of LL citizens are native english speakers.
Having our constitution written in english doesn't facilitate it's understanding for the majority of us.
This is probably a good reason (among others) to try to produce a short document.

The fact that there are so few serious discussions about the constitution, and so few people involved is worrying.
It is the kind of issue which may have very harmful consequences in the future.

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I think discussions on the constitution is a very good idea.
This is a most important topic that isn't getting considered much.
I believe most citizens haven't read it or if they have, cursory.
I've noticed one post in Signal that it was too complicated. So I think many people can't get their head around it, a bit like some people can't read maps, it's a skill set some people don't have. Therefore I think it is on those of us who do have the skills to read and understand legal documents to do it.
Perhaps we can make a lay language overview/ summary of the constitution for the benefit of of the above mentioned people?
And perhaps also a pictorial version with arrows showing how the different parts of government, justice system, commissioner (police) office interact with each other.
Both these would also benefit us as this process would help us to get our heads around the devil in the details AND for us to all be on the same page.

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