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Remarks about Forum Space

Some remarks about the forum space.

Editorial policy : everything which has connection to Libertarian practical projects or Libertarianism and respects the forum rules is welcome here.
There is a Salon for the rest (and it should stand small).

Structure : The forum space structure is not at all fixed or definitive. Not now and neither in the future. We'll think and rethink regularly about what to add, what to redispatch, etc. (posts can be moved). Forums may gladly be added, following the demand. The structure should do its best to adapt to the content.
One goal of such a forum is to archive properly (in a usable way) the content, in order to promote long-term discussions (and work!). In the case eg of the Liberland project, it will not be achieved in one year, there is thus a need to keep trace of the information/discussions brought here.
At the moment (beginning 2024), roughly half of the forum is dedicated to Liberland concerns, and the other half is dedicated to more general Libertarian concerns. As the whole structure, this may evolve (depending on activity).

Public and private areas : The forum has public areas and private areas (since beginning 2024).
Public areas are readable by everybody (so, don't post too sensible content there!).
The Liberland Private Forum is reserved to Liberlanders (e-residency is enough). To grant access to other private areas you must contact the admin.
(If a group of users wants a customized closed forum just for them, it is fully doable and, if it is consistent with the site editorial policy, I'll be happy to provide the service. (Notice however that admin(s) have always access to all forums)).

Software : The forum software is Asgaros ( which is a WordPress plugin.
(I tested also bbpress (another WP plugin), but in fact it is a bit old and a bit obsolete. And works badly on back-end, eg emails.
I considered also Discourse, but it's quite heavy. Asgaros has good remarks on several review, and seems indeed quite well).
More plugins may be added, provided it does not endanger the website.

Publishing Director : Vincent Andres


Gregg has reacted to this post.

Is it easy to get rid of the Gravitar in favour of a simple direct image upload to our profiles?
For this simple purpose I don't see any need to register my details with some random outside organization that will keep my details "safe".
Just saying, since no one has uploaded the profile icon yet.

admin has reacted to this post.

I have the same reservations regarding
So I installed a plugin which bypasses Gravatar.

(This is the 1st time I manage a Asgaros forum, so there are many tricks I don't know. So plz, feel free to make suggestions).

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