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Greggs presentation

My name is Greg, I had a most fortunate country side upbringing in New Zealand, prior to the time I was born thalidomide was the go to prescription for morning sickness, my mother had it in the bathroom medicine cabinet but never used it, so that's why I don't have flippers!
But I was injured at birth by a doctor using forceps and again at age 2 with adenoidectomy surgery.
So the older generations in my family had awareness that modern medicine often got it wrong, later during my school years my mother with held permission for school vaccines, good!

When B&W TV's come out I had an uncle who scoffed that they were idiot boxes! I saw that he was right when the grown up's lined up on the edge of the couch in a trance to religiously watch Coronation Street every evening. I thought maybe the Amish were onto some thing. I practiced meditation in the out doors although I didn't realise that until many years later.
So I was waking up at an early age.

By the age of 10 I was a speed reading book worm, in an investigative effort to work out if god really existed or not I read the bible getting through the entire old testament and ½ way through the 2nd testament before getting bored with the dry read.
At school leaving age I skipped the 'opportunity' to go to university instead opting to get a trade after which I backpacked around the world for many years not owning any thing much.

I was in Philippines during George Bush seniors state visit, in Thailand in the aftermath of the Pol Pot refugee exodus. In Bangladesh during George Bush Jnr's Iraq war. In Nepal shortly after the royal massacre which eventually led to the rebel Maoists entering government. In Bangkok during the first military + Democrat party + Fake News coup (déjà vu) that ousted the wildly popular Shinawatra government. Was in Bangkok for the Great Bird Flu Hoax and later read the book of the same name, this book out lined the blueprint used for both Bird Flu and Covidz.
In India I was an actor in a Bollywood movie, later I practiced Zen in Bodhgaya under the guidance of a traveling monk Zen master of the old school. Later I was student of HH Dalia Lama in Dharamsala. After leaving India I managed a Vipassana meditation centre in Bangkok. My favourite book is The Four Agreements.
In Australia was a student of the late Elaine Holingsworth, owner of the Hippocrates health farm. And a 10 year old MacDonalds burger, at that time.

More recently was a student of psychologist the late Bob Podolsky author of the book Flourish which is the culmination of his life's work on Soul Bonding and Ethical Societies which is a decentralized and parallel replacement for the disaster of modern democracy to sideline the hierarchies of Big Government, Organised Religion, Big Business.

Life's good!

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